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With the impending 'switch-off' of the analogue signal there will be a large number of motorists who can no longer receive any radio transmissions.

Here at uk we can offer Mercedes customers the option to retrofit a DAB tuner to their car.

in A90 module there is no problem but the car is after an crash so maybe i have to reset it (even if I have no error msg on board or xentry) ?

I have unmount bumper to check if nothing is wrong but all is okay, radar is clean and mounted in good position.

Maybe radar software crashed, what do you think guys ? Remplacement of component 'A90' is not required Next Step : -Updating of SCN coding Hello kminhtri, I know about that I m talking about CPA (collision prevention assist) not Distronic or distronic plus.

If radar have been bad I should had error msg in xentry isn't it ? I can't find a way without scn coding I put in attachment that logo which should appear in dash and menu where i activate and desactivate warning distance nothing change on graphic assistance. I did that : Values are being written, please wait... I should have this double car logo on graphic assistance when i enable it in menu but I don't have it (even if I don't have distronic).

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If there is an X writes: "chmod 777 mmc32" linux if you have 32 or "chmod 777 mmc64" if you have linux 64.

And the rights and check the "ll" 7 - Insert the SD slot. Somewhere down everything must occur "mmcblk0" p a number. Samsung EVO PLUS 32GB model MB-MC32DA, Samsung 64 GB model EVO PLUS MB-MC64DA, Samsung PRO 32 GB model MB-MG32, Samsung PRO 64 GB model MB-MG64EA, PRO PLUS Samsung 32 GB model MB-MD32D, PRO PLUS Samsung MB-MD64D 64Gb model.