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So with Mars turning retrograde, we feel like we are paddling upstream.Mars is the planet of war, fighting, new beginnings, and the act of sex.Looking for some action..that you-know-what-I-mean-nudge-wink-fist-bump kinda way?During this hormone-fueled season, we're gonna go with yes. Tearing out of those high-waisted jeans is not a "zero fucks given" proposition this spring.If you believe in astrology, you're likely aware that Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all currently retrograde.

The time when Mars just starts moving into forward direction (gaining full speed and leaving retrograde zone takes some more time) is noted down during our calculations.In sum, each retrograde zone has four points namely, Shadow, Retro Station, Direct Station and Release.We list only Retro Station and Direct Station for Mars.Think of capping a volcano and sending the energy back into the Earth— that’s what happens to each of us during this part of Mars’ cycle.That’s why some folks will explode with frustration and make very poor decisions and moves now, responding with violence and anger instead of patience and dialogue.