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I like the simple things in life, like the smell of ...

I'm cultured in that I like imported beers and travelling.. Your parents will love me but your neighbours won't ;) Hello, am easy going ( to an extent hehe) ,..friendly, honest person..

At one stage Cardiff’s Tiger Bay was the largest port in the world.

But by the 1930s it was in serious decline, and it took until the 1990s to revitalise the port area.

I am not looking for casual hook ups so please respect that and pass me by.

I have a great sense of humour but seem to have lost my spark recently and I'm looking for a companion who can help me find it again.

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All businesses entered must also be able to provide proof of this.3. Npower is a trademark of Npower Northern Limited and other associated companies.4.This is a syndicated competition and one winner will be picked by a panel of 5 judges across all eligible entries from all of the mentioned websites.10. Please submit one entry only, on one of the websites the competition is running on. If the occasion occurs where the same business has been nominated by more than one person, the entries for that business will be grouped together as one entry.11.Entries will be accepted until on Sunday July 30, 2017.These days, though, many Cardiff singles choose to live in new city-centre apartments in and around the rebranded Cardiff Bay.For several years now in England and Wales the marriage rate has been declining while the divorce rate has been increasing.