Dating an independent woman

A strong woman works hard to create the life they want to live.

Living authentically is the key characteristic that makes them who they are and they aren’t willing to jeopardize what they have worked for.

“I’m an independent woman and men are intimidated by me” I hear this statement over and over by women frustrated by their dating experiences. ” These are great sentiments to have and they certainly makes you a power player in today’s world, but when it comes to dating these are the attitudes that put you squarely in the hands of a Guy, and end up being a huge turn off for a Real Man. Because guys want the sort of woman who are uncomfortable with being treated like a cherished addition to a man’s life.

I can just picture them sitting across from a man on their dinner date, fighting over who will pick up the check. Guys want a woman who will insist on shouldering restaurant checks and household bills, and who contend that they can “do it on their own”, as though it’s something they need to prove over and over.

Protect (a woman from any and all dangers), Profess (their commitment for all to see), and Provide (for his mate and offspring) are a real man’s creed right down to his core, and to function in any other way creates discomfort in his psyche.

She is not, however, willing to compromise her ideals, her goals, or her life-long ambitions for it.

Men tend to process better in the left hemisphere of the brain, while women tend to process equally well between the two hemispheres.

This difference explains why men are generally stronger with left-brain activities and approach problem solving from a task-oriented perspective, while women typically solve problems more creatively and are more aware of feelings while communicating.

She believes her wants and her relationship can coexist with the right man.

Of course, a strong woman is much more than the things listed here and the important takeaway is to expect a relationship, not a dalliance.