Dating a welshman

They tend to be quite direct, especially in Swansea and Cardiff, but are quieter and more pacific out in the sticks.

If you want to engage in conversation, good topics include the last rugby match when Wales beat England, the Welsh win in the Rugby Six Nations Championship in 2005, the previous one in 1978, or what a cracking pint of beer Brains Brewery in Cardiff makes.

Frankly, I can only imagine that the people of Wales make for excellent dates, given their impressive record as playboys.

Tom Jones, Ryan Giggs and Dylan Thomas have all done pretty well with the ladies, as does rugby player Gavin Henson.

But what would you expect on a first date with a Welsh person? Sadly, England is probably the least romantic of all the UK entities.

A trip to the chest- hair-plaiting salon established by law in every town in the country? Devoid of Celtic charm, famous for cricket, colonialism, repressed homosexuality and lager - it's not a list likely to make the opposite sex swoon.

Londoners favour a more natural look, while Northern Irish and Irish women go for the 'tadpole' style - thick and round at the inner corners, with a thin arch and a tall brow. Although this highly thorough and scientific piece of research failed to shed any light on whether male eyebrow choices help indicate where they're from, there's no doubt that different bits of the UK are associated with different dating behaviours. Edinburgh is often voted the top city in the UK for sexy accents, leading to all manner of unfair stereotyping about kilts, haggis, whisky, stinginess and so on.A new generation had arisen which knew naught of the old tempests but which had become accustomed to the present state of peace, had enriched itself, and had become corrupt, forgetting truth and justice.That is the trend of the section in De Excidio , and it is in the light of it that the awkwardly-phrased opening sentence must be explained.The London 2012 Olympic Games might represent a beautiful coming-together of the disparate parts of the UK, as Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and English athletes line up under the flag hoping to win medals for the glory of the commonwealth (and for Coca-Cola, Mc Donald's, Acer, Panasonic and Visa).However, the dating game will continue to be divided depending on your country of origin - and there are no medals to be won, either.