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No smartphones, no internet, not a single knuckle shuffle app in sight.Unless, of course, we have radically misunderstood the function of the Antikythera mechanism. It is, after all, rather hidden away in the Athens Archaeological Museum across three vast rooms near the entrance and the subject of 100 years of startling investigation.We would like every racer to walk away a winner, and thanks to our sponsors -- Canandaigua Sailboarding, Keller Williams Realty, Lock's Stock and Barrel, Rossignol, and Rohrbach Brewing Company -- this is sure to be another great season of racing at Bristol Mountain!The Tuesday Morning Race Series is designed for beginners and experienced racers.

With the Comet Express high-speed quad, you will receive more training than ever!If you’re unsure of how to go about choosing a master’s degree program, we’re here to help.Here are some tips on how to choose a program: When most adult students want to get their master’s degree, they have some sort of idea about the field of study they’re interested in.CCU offers 11 master’s programs, along with multiple post-baccalaureate educator licensing, endorsements, and certificate programs.Once you’ve decided on an area of study, such as education, it’s now time to narrow down your interests.